What is Affiliate Marketing?


Affiliate marketing is a booming passive marketing tactic to promote products and profit both the company and the affiliate. It is becoming a common way to generate sales among telemarketers and even influencers. Affiliate marketing in the United States was increasing each year and envisioned to increase further in the coming years.

There are three entities involved in affiliate marketing, namely the “affiliate,” “consumer,” and the “company.” What an affiliate does is promoting products through a series of reviews for the consumers to purchase. These reviews can either be in blogs, social media posts, or videos introduced to link the consumers to the product.

Once consumers clicked on the affiliate link or purchase the product, the affiliate earns a commission from the company. Companies track affiliate links to monitor how many sales are driven by the affiliate and determine how much the affiliate’s compensation will be.

Affiliates are paid based on the numbers of sales, leads generated, or clicks from the website.

Essential Things to Consider in Affiliate Marketing Business

  • Affiliate marketing provides competitive income for people wanting to be independent. It is now emerging as an improved marketing strategy since 80% of consumers check for online reviews before purchasing products.
  • You need a targeted content to attract consumers. As millions of information become available online, consumers are also critical in choosing where to spend. Clients can find many reviews online, and what attracts consumers are contents loaded with valuable information.
  • Traffic is the key to success. You can use SEO optimization and frequent social media posting to drive more traffic to your website.
  • Find your niche. More sales are proven to come from affiliates who are promoting targeted niches. There are numerous niches to choose from, such as health and wellness, tech, fashion, and more.

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