What is Agile CRM?


Agile CRM is a robust cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) software that integrates the core functionality of sales, marketing, and web engagement platforms into a single unified solution. Small and medium-sized businesses who need features such as sales tracking, web analytics, contact management, telephony, and email will find Agile CRM useful. Agile CRMs are all-in-one solutions for managing customer relationships that offer onboarding, sales, service, and marketing on a single platform.    

Agile CRM is used in a variety of areas by over 15,000 customers in call centers, real estate, business, and e-commerce. It is clean, simple, and has a modern interface that has made it a popular and trusted tool among its customers.

Agile founder Manohar Chapalamadugu founded ClickDesk to find out what his customers needed to grow, but the company struggled to keep up with automated tasks and the organization of information.

When the competition failed to offer the specific functionality, his team needed to get its business done, and they built Agile CRM, a modern version of the platform designed for today’s way of working.

The free version of Agile is suitable for new companies and start-ups. While the free version lacks some necessary features for large companies, it works on many smaller scales.   In summary, Agile CRM software meets users’ “expectations” of CRM automation software. There are only a handful of software on the market that can perform all the critical tasks for a business, and this tool is one of them.

Notable Features:

  • Drag-and-drop editors
  • custom standard templates for personalization
  • built-in lead scoring
  • contact list import
  • real-time notifications

Agile CRM offers a wider range of capabilities than traditional competitors such as Capsule and Streak. If your focus is on the pursuit of marketing, sales, and services, this tool might be the right one.

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