What is Apple iCloud Storage?


Apple iCloud Storage is a service that enables Apple device users to store, share and synchronize files in a cloud. This cloud refers to servers that are accessed across Apple data centers. Since iCloud’s launching in 2011, about 1.5 billion users utilize the service to secure and preserve their data.

As a storage platform for all products powered by Apple, you can have an initial free 5-gigabyte storage to store your files. These files may include your photos, video, applications, contacts, notes, messages, and more. Once the free 5-gigabyte is exhausted, you will receive constant reminders to upgrade your storage. What’s good is that Apple offers pricing plans to make the most out of the storage at a meager cost.

You can also share the storage plan with your family and colleagues.

Key Features of Apple iCloud Storage

  • It synchronizes all your files in all of your Apple devices, even if you are logged in on just one device. It saves you more time and gives you easy access to the files that you need to either store or delete by just signing in with your Apple ID on any of your devices.
  • It is portable and efficient. Apple iCloud Storage allows you to turn off the files and applications you do not want to store in iCloud. You can do it by updating the system preferences on any of your devices.
  • It has a seamless interface. iCloud’s interface is clean and straightforward, which enables you to manage data smoothly.
  • It has a backup data feature called iCloud Backup. iCloud Backup restores all your previous application purchases and other files, ideal when your device is lost, stolen, or broken.
  • It is secured. Other than the password and two-factor authentication way to access iCloud, there’s also a “find my device” feature you can associate with your storage.

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