AuthorPieter Borremans

What is mass customization?


The act of producing products and services that are affordable and tailored to meet the demands of target clients is known as mass customization. Mass customization brings the personalization and...

What is a creditor?


The word “creditor” can refer to a variety of meanings depending on the context but most commonly refers to a financial institution or a person from who a debtor, often known as a...

What is a debtor?


A debtor is someone who obtains payments from creditors to satisfy their personal and business needs. A debtor is someone, such as a person or company, who seeks financial assistance from creditors...

What is a PEST analysis?


PEST analysis is a strategic planning framework that identifies macro-environmental factors. Political, economic, social, and technological forces are all common factors in the environmental span of...

What is a kiosk?


A kiosk is a tiny, detached structure that displays information, provides services, or performs other marketing goals. In most cases, only a few people are required to move a kiosk and place it in a...

What is an angel investor?


An angel investor is a type of early investor that provides money to a startup in addition to helping it get off the ground. In return for their investment, angel investors typically obtain an equity...

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