What is an audit?


An audit is when an auditor examines or inspects different books of accounts, followed by a physical inventory assessment, to ensure that all departments are following proper procedures of recording...

What is an oligopoly?


A market structure in which only a few enterprises can prevent everyone else from exerting large effect is called an oligopoly. It is a type of “imperfect competition” in which a...

What is a KPI?


Ameasurablevaluethat shows how well a business is fulfilling key business goals is called a Key Performance Indicator (KPI). KPIs serve as the basis for operational and strategic improvement...

What is Upwork?


Upwork is a freelancing platform that connects clients to freelance talents and agencies wherever they are in the world. Upworkstemmed from two online business marketplace companies, Elance and...

What Is Amazon Prime?


Amazon Prime is a subscription service from the e-commerce giant Amazon that gives its subscribers access to exclusive features, discounts, and deals, among others. Launched in February 2005, Amazon...

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