Pixlr Vs. Adobe Photoshop


Nowadays, pictures are rarely uploaded straight out of the camera. Most photos you see on the internet have had a few editing to make the image more appealing. Two products that stand tall in the...

Airbnb vs.


Airbnb became popular with the rise of the travel industry in the past decade. What started as an air bed for rent idea has become a multi-billion dollar company. Its platform caters to travelers...

Crello vs Canva


Canva and Crello are both free graphic design platforms enabling everyone to develop professional-looking content with minimal effort. Content creation in both platforms is made possible by the...

Slack vs. Skype


Slack and Skype are helpful messaging platforms that are enabling teams and businesses to maintain efficient digital communication. Slack was established in 2013, offering a comprehensive range of...

LumiVPN vs. NordVPN


LumiVPN and NordVPN are among the recommended VPNs to ensure a better online experience. VPNs are useful to maintain information privacy and safety because it helps your network to be encrypted and...

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