Corporate Law vs. Litigation


Corporate law involves only legal matters about the establishment and activities of corporations as legal entities. Whereas litigation pertains to the process by which lawyers apply legal skills to represent clients in the court. The main difference is that corporate law is a particular branch of law, while litigation denotes the legal action procedures in any legal dispute in any legal practice area.

When it comes to those who practice them, corporate lawyers are focusing more on rendering legal services related to business or commercial issues. On the other hand, litigators are those lawyers who, other than corporate and commercial laws, can also represent their clients in other legal suits such as criminal and other civil cases.

In this sense, we can say that all corporate lawyers could be a litigator when representing a corporation but not all litigators focus on corporate law.

Corporate lawyers usually work in a law firm to give legal advice in corporate governance. On the other hand, litigators are trial lawyers engaging in various lawsuits and settling disputes between natural or juridical persons.

Key differences between corporate law and litigation

  • In terms of clients and work scope, corporate law covers only corporations and more specialized. At the same time, litigation encompasses all clients and is general in range, like divorce, crimes, and other civil cases.
  • In terms of purpose, corporate law concerns the legal compliance and protection of corporations and regulates their continuous operation. Still, litigation focuses on representation to the court for the resolution and settlement of disputes and cases.
  • In terms of practitioners, Corporate lawyers are fewer and are more specialized than litigators. Corporate lawyers usually work for longer hours, while most litigators have flexible work schedules.

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