What is Crowdfunding?


Crowdfunding refers to the process by which people, organizations, or businesses raise money. The “crowd” herein means those people who are investing or donating to an organization’s project where there is a potential or expected benefit or profit that could be gained from it. Crowdfunding is usually done by posting the idea, project, or business to a crowdfunding website.

Investors who wish to invest in a particular project may register for them to see more details about the project or business. While it has a great opportunity to gain income it is at the same time risky because there is no guarantee of returns. Some businesses especially in the starting period are failing so better to understand first what are the costs of investing in crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding could be donation-based, loan-based, reward-based, or investment-based.

Key Benefits of Crowdfunding?

  • It is a faster way to raise funds or capital for a specific project or business.
  • You can utilize it for crowdsourcing or brainstorming and it is a valuable way of marketing and media exposure.
  • New ideas, feedback, and suggestions will be accessed from those who are experts.
  • It serves as an alternative to bank loans and other difficult to apply traditional financing.
  • It helps to identify and trace potential loyal customers and how they feel about the product or project.
  • It is a PR and attracts future investors which leads to bigger opportunities and projects.
  • It can be a pre-test of the quality and potential of an idea or concept and it will validate the feasibility of a project.

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