Is Deezer worth it?


One of the renowned and rising music streaming service apps in the world is Deezer. Though not as popular as Spotify, Deezer is worth considering for those who are musical fanatics. Despite the high competition among apps in the area of music streaming, Deezer still has become widely used and garnered over 10 million paying subscribers. Even its service can be characterized as usual of what you expect for a music streaming app, but it remains in good standing when it comes to podcasts, live radio, traditional music streaming, exclusive musical content.

Deezer like Spotify and other services houses in its library more or less 50 million songs and albums from different artists. Moreover, it is also affordable and has user-friendly functionalities.

Key Features of Deezer?

  • It is available and downloadable for almost every platform and device. It is compatible with desktop and mobile phones.
  • You can sign up using Google or Facebook, or even through making an account through Deezer itself.
  • It offers more plan options such as Free, premium, and it has a HiFi setting for more audio quality.
  • The price is affordable where its premium plan is from $9.99 per month or when availed in a yearly plan, it costs $119 per year.
  • The audio quality can bump up to 128 kbps but when it is on a HiFi setting, it can go up to 320 kbps.
  • It has themed sections where you can access specific popular tracks depending on the country you may want to listen to.

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