What is an Enterprise Architect?


An enterprise architect refers to a professional that manages the upgrading, improving, and maintenance of information technology systems of a business company or an organization. In other words, the enterprise architect is responsible to organize and standardize the IT structure to help the operation and strategy of the company to attain its goals.

Enterprise architect helps the company to make decisions on what kind of systems upgrade, software and hardware will be replaced and suitable, as well as how the business processes will keep up and adapt with the latest trends and changes in technologies. Moreover, an enterprise architect is a key player in an organization for it to achieve more cost-effective and efficient operations. They are important because they can help to reduce company costs, develop flexibility, implement a systematic technological environment, and acquire more IT assets.

An enterprise architect should have business knowledge, skills, and competence in IT governance and operations management, and has expertise in systems engineering.

Key Roles of an Enterprise Architect

  • Alignment of the information technology and business strategy to achieve organizational goals.
  • Development of an information technology system to reduce the company’s expenditures and ensure effective information management.
  • Think and apply flexible solutions for the organization to easily adapt to the current and latest technology and business requirement changes.
  • Risk and security management for the protection of the company’s IT assets.
  • Regulates the information technology utilization and system of the organization.
  • Formulate guidelines, policies, and standards governing selection, utilization, maintenance, application, and innovation of the organization’s IT system.

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