What is Freshworks.com?


Freshworks.com is a business support provider through software development and customization that will help businesses of all sizes be more customer engaging and appealing. It was started by Girish Mathrubootham in 2010 and had its headquarters located in San Mateo, California, USA.

Freshworks.com helps its clients to support customers through websites, e-mails, mobile phones, social networks, and other online platforms. It also offers various business support products such as customer forums, self-service portals, and other tools that are useful in generating solutions to address different business needs, issues, and problems.

It is basically intended to enhance a good customer experience, information technology management, human resources management, and sales marketing through its multi-support technical services.

Freshworks.com Main Products

  • freshdesk -it provides streamlined customer conversations, bots, and automated self-service solutions.
  • freshchat -it helps to reach customers and engage them through mobile phones, e-mails, and social media messaging.
  • freshcaller -builds a cloud-based phone system that enables easy number management, custom reporting, an advanced inbound routing engine, and best supervisor controls.
  • freshsucess -assists your business in identifying risks and opportunities and maximizing customer value through reporting and analytics.
  • freshworks CRM -unifies both sales and marketing teams for good and long-term customer satisfaction and relationship.
  • freshteam -it is an HR software that helps you in applicant tracking, onboarding, employee database management, and time-off management.
  • freshservice -powered by Freddy AI develops up-to-date AI and automation services for greater efficiencies in business processes.
  • freshping-enables you to monitor your website and showcases its status.
  • freshstatus -supports your business to have a customized branded status page, scheduled maintenance, and real-time incident notifications.

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