What is Hubspot?


HubSpot is a cloud-based, integrated marketing software suite based on a marketing mentality. The company was founded in 2006 by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah during their time at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).    

It brings the best in the industry to one virtual roof in the areas of blogging, email marketing, keyword research, contact databases, intelligent call-to-action, landing pages as well as intelligent forms and CMS tools. This integration maximizes efficiency and enables rapid shifts in tasks and inbound marketing methods.    

In 2006, HubSpot launched software to help companies implement their inbound marketing strategy. Fast forward to now and you will find that over 30,000 companies in 90 countries rely on HubSpot to build their distribution pipelines and accelerate their revenue growth.

However, there are still many marketing and sales managers who do not know what HubSpot is or how it benefits their business. 

Optimal use

  • Its products and services are designed to provide tools for customer relationship management, social media marketing, content management, lead generation, Web Analytics, search engine optimization, live chat, and customer support.
  • Marketers and companies can use HubSpot tools to maintain qualified leads until they are ready to be passed on to the sales team. Once a lead is ready to transform, it can be passed on to sales teams in a simple and seamless experience, helping companies transform warm leads into satisfied customers. HubSpot provides the ability to hide form fields until the lead provides you with information.    
  • You can integrate HubSpot into your current website or build your company’s entire website with it, and it also functions as a content management system (CMS).    
  • You no longer need to juggle between different platforms to market potential and existing customers and its methodology has been proven time and time again by thousands of companies.

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