What is Interior Design?


Interior design is the science and art of making the interiors of buildings, houses, and other dwellings to become more functional and aesthetically appealing. It is a specialized profession responsible for designing the indoor environment and ensuring the efficient and effective use of interior spaces.

Interior design also incorporates human psychology, aesthetics, and visual communication in creating designs to make the interiors pleasant and attractive to users. Experts and practitioners in interior design are called interior designers. The work of an interior designer involves professional decorating such as the placement of furniture, fixtures, wall paint and themes, lightings, accessories, and space planning.

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Moreover, interior designers are also knowledgeable and skilled in the proper usage and choice of colors, textiles, environment-friendly materials, health and safety issues, structural requirements, and computer-aided design (CAD) software.

Interior design is guided by the principles of balance, harmony, proportion, and scale, rhythm and repetition, and emphasis. Interior design has different elements namely, color, space, lines, light, texture, forms, and patterns. To create aesthetically appealing results, these elements should be balanced and properly used.

Interior design has become one of the most in-demand services in the field of designing.

Some of the main services that interior design companies and professionals offer are:

  • Color consultation services
  • Space planning
  • Lighting designs
  • Wall and faux finishes
  • Paint and wallpapering
  • Furniture and fixtures lay-outing
  • Home staging
  • Styling and renovations

Some of the prominent styles of interior designs are:

  • Traditional interior design style
  • Minimalist interior design style
  • Transitional interior design style
  • Modern interior design style
  • Eclectic interior design style
  • Contemporary design style

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