What is Pinterest?


Pinterest refers to an online platform used to share, organize, and discover visual content on the Internet. From a non-technical standpoint, Pinterest is an online version of modern scrapbooking with the benefit of showing it to a community of users of the same interest.

Since it started in 2010, millions of users are attracted to the platform, particularly women and business marketers. Pinterest offers free account creation that will enable its users called “pinners” to “pin” or bookmark visual contents into their own “boards.” These boards act like folders where pinners organize content depending on the niche and how the pinner would like the theme.

Pins consist of either a video, gif, or photo about home improvements, fashion inspiration, travel, wellness, and many more.

What are the critical features of Pinterest?

  • It houses billions of contents where you can find, share and pin inspirations from several categories. Pinterest allows you to select specific topics to display on your feed through its “tune your home feed” option.
  • It enables you to advertise your business through visual content. Brands and social media influencers utilize Pinterest to attract consumers and create online traffic to their blogs and e-businesses.
  • It creates communities of pinners with the same interests. You can follow fellow pinners, boards and check your followers.
  • It allows further collaboration. Sharing is not limited to the platform as it can also be linked to blogs and social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to share content.
  • It brings you the images without searching for them. Your home feed will automatically show related boards that you usually pin and have explored before.
  • It helps you find items to purchase online through its visual search feature.
  • It makes your pinning experience more personalized through its new “note to self” option. It also allows you to create secret boards for private pins.

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