Slack vs. Zoom


Slack started in 2013, and it is designed for team collaboration and messaging. On the other hand, Zoom is one of the leading applications in conducting video conferences and virtual meetings. It was launched in the year 2011. They are both offering calendar management, document management, discussions/forums, and video conferencing.

Overall, these two applications are essential in small and large businesses.

Key differences between Slack and Zoom

  • Slack is excellent when it comes to delivering messages to the team members for brainstorming and collaboration. On the flip side, Zoom is best-known for its high-quality video that allows users to record or connect to live on Facebook, Live on Workplace from Facebook, and live on YouTube.
  • Slack is a task management app that allows users to create a task managed by the team. Users can also upload files that can be available for access for everyone inside the team. Alternatively, Zoom also allows hosts and participants to upload files in the chat section while the meeting is ongoing. Everyone inside the Zoom meeting can have access to it.
  • Slack is for the planning and preparation for business meetings and other activities that will involve giving tasks to different people. At the same time, Zoom is the platform for call conferences that hold the meetings and provide quality video and voice messaging.
  • Slack allows team members to participate in a working space to accomplish the task given. At the same time, Zoom can hold participants to join in a meeting or webinar.
  • Slack is on the preparation part, and Zoom is the meeting, webinar, or conference execution.

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