What is Slack?


Slack is a business communication platform developed by Slack Technologies. It is a messaging channel good for direct and group chatting and sharing files. It includes add-ins that allow users to utilize other workplace tools. Slack serves as an online meeting place where a team can coordinate, collaborate, and update one another.

Slack is an application that can be used on all kinds of devices from computers to different mobile phones.

It is the best alternative other than email and text messaging for it updates the members of the team on a real-time basis. It can also serve as an organizer for the schedules and delegation of tasks. The application is offered for free with limited features and premium versions.

The following are the special features of Slack:

  • It can organize conversations -using Slack team members can create different channels. It can be shared channels accessible to all members of the group where they can share files. At the same time, each member can also create private channels where they can directly message one of the team members and others will not see.
  • It can search conversation history -one of the best features is that you can trace the previous conversation for an easier recap of retrieval of any needed information from the past. It is necessary if you are going to look for some files or messages that you urgently need.
  • It can connect to other tools or applications -you can integrate other apps while using Slack without leaving your workspace. It helps you avoid some delays from changing tabs.
  • It can operate calls and share screening -you can communicate with other teammates using the video or voice calls features. You can start video conferencing and can enable the share screen to present something to your team.

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