Social Media Addiction Facts


Social media addiction is a behavioral problem experienced when the user is overusing social media and has too much drive to use it resulting in the impairment of doing other essential things in life. When the user is addicted to social media, there is too much time spent in it affecting different areas of life such as personal lifestyle, social relationships, and even mental health. It is undeniable that social media has become so useful and helpful to the development of our society but still excessive use of something can also be dangerous.

Nowadays, checking, scrolling, and clicking through social media has been part of the daily life activities of most people in the world. However, addiction to social media can threaten normality in the different areas of one’s life.

Some Effects of Social Media Addiction

  • Social media addiction is likened to cocaine and substance use addictions. It produces a euphoric experience for the user as in drug abuse. This is triggered due to the excessive dopamine releases to the brain.
  • Social media addiction decreases one’s mental performance. Studies show that poor academic performance is due to over usage of social media.
  • Social media addiction results in different emotional problems like anxiety, loneliness, fear, and depression. The usual social interaction with other people has also been affected because in-person relationships are being replaced by electronic and virtual interpersonal interactions.
  • Social media addiction results in some withdrawal symptoms such as expressing or acting unpleasant behaviors whenever the use of social media is being limited or restricted.

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