Can Spotify Premium be Shared?


Users can definitely share with Spotify Premium. In fulfillment of Spotify’s slogan, “listen without limits,” they offer an ad-free, downloadable, skippable, and shareable music streaming experience among its premium users. Sharing of Spotify accounts are available in their “Duo” and “Family” premium plans at a cost.

Duo premium plan costs $18.99 per month where two users can share the plan. Each user can have their accounts with separate passwords to save their private playlist and streamed music. However, they can also still share playlists, follow each other, other users, and artists. This feature is also readily available even for free accounts.

Family premium costs $22.50 per month where six users can share the plan. Each user also has separate accounts where they can choose their password for privacy. The same feature applies with the free account in following artists, sharing playlists, and saving music.

What’s good in the Family premium is a free Spotify Kids account that comes with the Family premium. There’s only one free Spotify Kids account per Family premium that can be used by first downloading the Spotify Kids application on a device.

Family premium enables parents to monitor their children’s streaming activity and ensure that they only access kid-friendly content.

Other Key Features of Spotify Premium

  • Spotify Premium requires users to be under the same roof. Users can sign up using the address of the plan manager to obtain access.
  • Music is regularly updated based on trends in the music billboard, and users can stream music offline.
  • Spotify charges only the plan manager or whoever signed up on the premium.
  • Adult users can access streaming history in the Spotify Kids account by going to their Spotify account’s “Grown Ups” tab. Users can view the children’s streaming history from the past three months.

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