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Spotify and Deezer are both widely used music streaming apps in the world. While Spotify has a bigger number of subscribers, Deezer is also considered by the public to be popular in the field of music streaming services. Though these apps are quite similar when it comes to features, services, and looks, some differences are worth knowing if you are presently using one of them or if you are planning to choose which one is best for your taste. They both also house around 50 million songs in their music libraries.

Though they have almost similarities in pricing and services, there are still differences when it comes to popularity, looks, availability, social functionality, audio quality, and other features.

Key Differences between Spotify and Deezer

  • Spotify has over 140 million subscribers while Deezer has only more or less 10 million.
  • Spotify uses a darker theme in the interface while Deezer has bright themes and has lots of colors.
  • Deezer is available to more countries around the world than Spotify.
  • Deezer’s Free subscription’s audio quality is about 128kbps while Spotify’s Free is 160 kbps. Both of their premiums top out at 320 kbps. However, Deezer has its HiFi setting for better audio quality. Last February 2021, Spotify announced the launching of its Spotify HiFi.
  • Spotify offers a Premium Duo while Deezer has not.
  • Spotify has more social functionality features than Deezer because you can have a greater chance to see most of your friends on Spotify than Deezer. This is because Spotify is more popular than Deezer.

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