What is Spotify?


Spotify is a media streaming platform launched in 2006 by its Swedish founder, Daniel Ek. Now, it has about 365 million users actively accessing music and podcasts from artists worldwide.

Aiming to bring the convenience to its users to “spot” and “identify” the music of their liking, Spotify was born. It is currently available in 40 countries in Europe, America, and Asia accessible on computers and smartphones as long as you have the application or the website loaded.

Spotify comes in free streaming option by just using your email address or Facebook account to sign up. This free access comes in limited playing options, such as the availability of ads and the unavailability of shuffle options. Spotify offers premium plan subscriptions for its users to choose from.

As of June 2021, it already has 165 million paying users. All have on-demand playback and ad-free features; the difference is merely how multiple users can stream on the platform.

Individual – starts at around $10 per month, where users can play audio even when offline.

Duo – starts at around $13 per month, where two users can share one subscription.

Family – starts at around $16 per month and can be shared by six users. Youngsters can also use this subscription since there’s a block explicit audio feature when you download the Spotify kids’ app.

Student – starts at around $5 per month for students with access to Hulu and Showtime.

Other Features of Spotify

  • Users can search millions of music and podcasts by just typing the artist’s name, title, or genre.
  • Users can save and share their favorite songs and podcasts by creating a playlist on their profile.
  • Users can follow artists, playlists, and fellow Spotify subscribers.
  • Users can discover new and iconic songs by recommendations. These recommendations are based on their listening history and what’s trending worldwide.

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