What is StackPath?


StackPath refers to an edge computing platform that is located physically closer to the end-users and devices which can deliver online data, processes, and content faster than what a centralized cloud provider can do. It is not a replacement for the cloud but rather an evolution of it to adapt to the increasing development of information technology. Its robust edge locations allow the end-users to experience higher security, quicker processing, lesser bandwidth costs, and higher resilience even amid heavily populated markets.

StackPath enables the workloads of the customers to have lesser latency which ensures that the speed they need will be experienced. Through its advanced orchestration engine, it can build internet edges for the end-users connected with private networks that are automated and well-integrated.

With StackPath, end-users can place their workloads in the internet’s front row and it can also power up the gaming experience.

StackPath offers various products such as edge computing through its virtual machines and containers, edge security, edge delivery, and edge solutions. StackPath was founded by Lance Crosby together with his team in May 2015. It is based in America with its headquarters located in Dallas, Texas.

Key Functions of StackPath

  • It builds edges that will deploy well-distributed workloads to the closest edge that will lessen cost and at the same time boost performance.
  • It accelerates by reducing up to 60% latency and with no warm-up time.
  • It protects private networks between the locations of edges from any cyber threats and attacks.
  • It monitors data performance within 24 hours through its API.

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