Is TikTok bad?


Despite its popularity as one of the most influential apps today in social media, TikTok faces many issues and controversies. It has become a behemoth in social media as it garnered millions of users and the most downloaded app in 2019. However, the United States had previously threatened to ban the app due to various privacy issues and national security concerns.

TikTok became the subject of many debates as it requires the user to give consent to access some information that could be sensitive personally and nationally. Even though the news spread all over the world about the possible risk of downloading and using the app, there are still many people who ignore it and remain using it as a dancing, musical, and viral video sharing channel. Presently, TikTok is becoming more popular across different backgrounds, interests, and professions.

While TikTok is enjoyed by more netizens, there are warnings on the dangers of using the app.

Common Risks of Using TikTok

  • Extensive access permissions – it requires the users to agree in allowing their cameras, microphones, contacts, and location to be accessed by the app to be able to use it.
  • Breach of data privacy – there is no assurance of how the data storage works which might be used for data mining and selling.
  • National security concerns – there is an allegation that TikTok could be used for illegal and unauthorized surveillance and espionage. The app’s functionality to save information is seen as a way to intrude one’s national security and intelligence information.

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