Types of Security Management


Security management involves the identification of the assets of an organization to implement related procedures and policies for the protection of these assets. The organization’s assets that need to be secured include physical facilities, people, information, machines, and the system itself. Security management aims to provide necessary protocols in identifying threats, risks, and categories related to assets. These procedures cover threat assessment, risk assessment, risk analysis, and classification of information.

Security management has different types. Some of the most prominent are physical security management, information security management, and operational security management.

These types are briefly defined below:

  • Physical Security Management – this type of security management refers to the procedures to be implemented in protecting people, facilities, and other properties from any harm, loss, and damage. It involves strategies and protocols to prevent or lessen the threats of terrorism, crimes, fires, and any other potential physical dangers.
  • Information Security Management – the latest trend and challenges in security management is protecting information technology and other computerized systems. With the issues of cybercrimes, there must be standard procedures in protecting the information assets of an organization. This type includes protocols to prevent unauthorized access to a computer or online networks, viruses, and other cyber attacks.
  • Operational Security Management – this is applied by organizations to prevent and protect sensitive information from any potential attackers. It is a risk management process by which classified information of a particular organization is secured to avoid unnecessary leakages of important data. Also, to identify suspicious actions that might cause the operations to be interrupted and harmed.

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