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Both Uber and Lyft are ride-sharing apps as innovative alternatives for taxi services. Uber is a bigger company than Lyft. Uber was launched in 2009 while Lyft was in 2012. Uber was founded by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp and on the other hand, Lyft was started by Logan Green and John Zimmer. The strong competition between these two private transportation network services caused them to mimic and surpass one another’s services.

Though almost having similar features of the business, Uber and Lyft still have important differences.

Key Differences between Uber and Lyft

  • Uber has its service and operation available globally while Lyft is only in the United States and Canada.
  • Uber’s service covers around 200 cities while Lyft has only more or less 60 cities.
  • The Lyft app is more user-friendly and has a variety of service options compared to the Uber app which has a more conservative design and limited service.
  • Lyft is more casual and informal, unlike Uber which has a corporate and professional feel. The Uber drivers are usually opening the door for the passenger and using the back seats. On the contrary, Lyft’s drivers are even doing greetings and fist bumps with the passengers who were invited to sit in the front seats. Uber drivers are dressed up while Lyft’s drivers are not required to follow any dress code.
  • Uber’s vehicles are quicker to arrive than Lyft based on relevant reviews.
  • Uber has greater registered vehicles and it has more ride classes than Lyft’s.

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