What is Uber?


Formerly known as Ubercab, Uber is an American technology company founded by Garret Camp and Travis Kalanick in March 2009. Conceptualized in Paris in December 2008 after Camp and Kalanick failed to find a cab after attending the LeWeb Tech Conference. They ask themselves the question, “What if you could request a ride simply by tapping your phone?” 

With that idea in mind, Camp bought the domain name ubercab.com. In early 2009, Camp, with the help of some friends, worked on the prototype. Kalanick joined the team, later on, acting as an advisor. In May 2010, UberCab launched its beta version, and the first official Uber ride came in July.

The advent of Uber paved the way to the modern era of public transport. What started as a ride-hailing service app, Uber has evolved over the years offering services from food and package delivery to electric bike and scooter rentals, to name a few.

What are the different ride services offered by Uber?

  • UberX – The standard Uber service. Booking and UberX give you your own private car that seats up to 4 passengers.
  • UberPool – This service matches a driver to up to 3 passengers going in the same direction. Uber Pool’s fare is cheaper than that of UberX.
  • UberComfort – This service matches riders with drivers with 4.85 and above service ratings and drives newer and more spacious cars for a guaranteed comfortable riding experience. 
  • UberGreen – A sustainability effort by Uber gives riders the option to select an electric or hybrid vehicle. It costs $1 more than UberX, half of which goes to the driver and half to Uber’s Green Future Campaign.
  • UberBlack / UberBlack SUV – Features premium cars and SUVs, driven by top-rated drivers for a higher price.
  • UberXL – As the name suggests, this service provides bigger cars to seat up to 6 passengers.
  • UberWAV – The service matches riders with Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles.
  • UberLux – Cars available in this service are much more luxurious than that of the UberBlack service
  • UberTaxi – Matches riders with regular Taxi cabs

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