What does a PRO do?


The head of communications and public relations of an organization is known as the public relations officer (PRO), chief communications officer (CCO), or corporate communications officer. Public relations officers are sometimes known as public information officers or public relations experts.

By obtaining favorable coverage in the media, these professionals help their companies create a positive reputation. To promote their companies, public relations officers may organize public events such as exhibitions and competitions. Normally, they have a bachelor’s degree in public relations or a closely related profession.

Even though public relations experts’ job responsibilities are identical whether they serve for the government or the private sector, the aim of their public relations activities may differ. Public relations professionals who work for nonprofits, government agencies, or political interest groups may target the broader public along with particular groups such as donors or voters.

The media is usually at the center of public relations officers’ responsibilities. They may respond to media questions about their companies, take part in interviews on their behalf, or train company executives to perform effectively in interviews and media appearances. Public relations officers may also create and implement promotional activities that require direct contact with the consumers, public, and even shareholders.

Roles of a PRO:

  • examining the media coverage.
  • dealing with questions from the general public, the media, and other organizations.
  • coordinating and participating in promotional activities such as press conferences and exhibitions.
  • speaking in front of an audience during interviews, news conferences, and presentations.
  • providing customers with updates on new promotional opportunities and the status of ongoing public relations efforts.

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