What is a call center?


A call center is a central department that receives or transmits a high amount of telephone queries. It is responsible for all telephone communication with prospective and existing clients and is either kept within a firm or outsourced to another call center. A contact center, which is also known as a call center, is a facility that manages individual interactions such as social media, faxes, instant messaging, live support software, and email.

Inbound and outbound calls are handled by call centers, while some specialize in one or the other. Inbound call centers answer calls from existing and prospective customers seeking service or product support, information, account management, or complaints. For telemarketing, debt collection, emergency notifications, and lead generation, an outbound call center places calls on behalf of a firm or customer.

All client connections are handled from the call center. Contact centers allow valuable company information to be sent to the right individuals, data to be acquired, and contacts to be tracked. It’s usually an element of a company’s customer relationship management system. Call centers are used by the majority of large firms to manage client interactions.

Call centers can be run alone or in conjunction with other call centers, and are frequently connected to a corporate computer network that includes mainframes, microcomputers or servers, and local area networks (LANs). The voice and data paths entering the center are gradually being linked via a variety of new technologies known as computer telephony integration.

A call center’s functions include:

  • conducting market research
  • handling consumer inquiries
  • performing telemarketing
  • providing customer service

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