What is a mission statement?


A mission statement is a short, typically a single sentence that explains why an organization exists by defining its essential purpose. It explains the organization’s purpose to employees and the general public. Since every organization has its own mission statement, they are extremely diverse. They all, however, show a company’s current abilities, client focus, services, and products in general terms.

Mission statements have a double purpose: they keep employees engaged on the workload while also motivating them to think of new ways to boost productivity in order to meet organizational objectives. A mission statement is commonly produced by a group of people who are passionate about the organization’s growth, such as the board members and founders. As a team-building exercise, organizations may include lower-level positions in mission statement revisions, which may also help employees feel appreciated and motivated.

The mission statement of a corporation determines the company’s agenda, values, core goals, ethics, and culture. It also illustrates how these kinds of factors affect the company’s stakeholders, including employees, distributors, suppliers, shareholders, and the general public. This statement can be used by these organizations to integrate their goals with the company.

Importance of having a mission statement:

•It establishes a foundation for everyone in the firm to make decisions on.

•It provides employees a sense of purpose and boosts their motivation at work.

•It drives the company’s progress and provides a great vision for its future.

•It helps a team in aligning their behaviors together for the same objectives.

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