What Is Amazon Prime?


Amazon Prime is a subscription service from the e-commerce giant Amazon that gives its subscribers access to exclusive features, discounts, and deals, among others. Launched in February 2005, Amazon Prime initially cost $79 for a one-year subscription which provides users with unlimited 2-day shipping on all orders and overnight shipping for an additional $3.99 per ordered item.

Over the years, Amazon Prime has evolved by adding more features and benefits to its subscribers, making the membership service one of the biggest subscription programs worldwide.

Timeline of Amazon Prime’s Key Features and Services

  • 2006 –Amazon launched the Fulfilled by Amazon program for sellers to store and ship their products directly from Amazon warehouses. The program opened Prime subscribers to a wider selection and assortment of products to order while allowing sellers to showcase their products in the growing e-commerce market.
  • 2011 –Amazon included their video streaming service to the subscription, giving subscribers access to thousands of popular movies and TV shows, as well as Amazon-exclusive content.
  • 2014 –Amazon raised the subscription price to $99 a year and included new features and services to Prime. It launched the unlimited music streaming service Amazon Music, the daily essential shopping service, Amazon Pantry, photo storage service Prime Photos, and Amazon Now, the 2-hour delivery service app.
  • 2017 –Amazon launched the try-before-you-buy service Amazon Wardrobe. This service gives Prime members the advantage of trying on up to eight clothing and accessories sent to their location. Members have seven days to try and select the ones they want to purchase and send back the rest.
  • 2020 –Amazon launched and added Prime Gaming (formerly Twitch Prime) to the subscription. It gave Prime members access to free games, exclusive in-game loot, and a free twitch.tv subscription.

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