What is an entrepreneur?


A person who starts a new firm and takes the majority of the risks while getting the most of the benefits is called an entrepreneur. The entrepreneur is frequently portrayed as a leader, a provider of unique ideas, products, services, and/or business processes. Entrepreneurs are essential to every economy because they have the ability and courage to identify needs and generate great innovative ideas to market.

The entrepreneur is considered as the leader and the one to turn to for advice. He or she is the driving force behind a team’s progress. The entrepreneur is primarily responsible for the success of his or her initiative, which can be a business, a project, or anything else. Because the entrepreneur is the one with the greatest involvement in the enterprise, he or she must be given complete control over it.

Being an entrepreneur has nothing to do with owning stock in a business; rather, it emphasizes leadership qualities. Developing entrepreneurial characteristics, consistent performance and commitment to a certain plan, a brilliant concept that people would pay money for, and a clear plan for success are just a few of the steps required to become an entrepreneur.

Major Roles of an Entrepreneur:

•Represent the organization at formal and casual events

•Bring people with opposing viewpoints and techniques together to function as a team

•Serve as the public face of the organization whenever a press release is issued.

•Act as the organization’s representative and provide information both externally and internally

•Regularly monitor the business’s external and internal environments.

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