What is Booking.com?


Booking.com is a one-stop-shop digital travel website that gives travelers ease in planning for their next trip. It is the world’s biggest hotel booking platform and has been so for the last couple of decades. It started as Bookings.nl, founded by Dutch businessman Geert-Jan Bruinsma in 1996. His idea sprouted when he came across Hilton Hotel’s booking website Hilton.com. Bruinsma tried to book a room in America while in Amsterdam and discovered it wasn’t possible. Despite having little knowledge of the hotel and hospitality industry, he created a website where hotels can post their rooms and rates for a 5% commission.

When Bruinsma put up Bookings.nl, there were two other hotel websites in the Netherlands, but neither offered online bookings. He collaborated with the two companies by linking their sites to Bookings.nl for half of the booking commission earned. That move helped launch Bruinsma’s business, and by the year 2000, merged with Bookings Online, the company that operates Bookings.org. The merger came with the purchase of the URL booking.com, the website used to this day.

The Priceline Group acquired Booking.com in 2005 for $133 million, adding it to their line-up of online travel and hotel booking websites. Since its acquisition, Booking.com became Priceline’s revenue driver that eventually led the Priceline Group to rename itself as Booking Holdings.

Booking.com Features

Stays –Choose from various property types, from hotels, resorts, apartments to cabins and villas.

Flights –You can book a flight on the website to wherever in the world. It gives you the list of available flights and filters to the best, the cheapest, or the quickest route.

Flight + Hotel –Gives you the ease of booking a flight and a hotel room after you land in one click.

Car Rentals and Airport Taxis –This feature allows you to book a ride before you land, ensuring there’s a vehicle waiting for you at the airport.

Attractions –Allows you to skip the ticket lines when you visit tourist attractions by booking ahead of time using this feature.

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