What is internship?


An internship is a work experience program offered by a company to prospective employees. Internships are usually designed for students who will work between one to four months at a company of their choice to get actual on-the-job or research experience.

Every internship is unique. Part-time interns work part-time, whereas full-time interns work full-time. An internship might last anything from one week to a year. High school, undergraduate, and graduate students can all participate in internships. Paid internships, unpaid internships, internships for academic credit, and virtual internships are all available. While an internship does not guarantee employment, many organizations use internships to teach and evaluate potential employees.

Most companies enable students to work during the academic year and are willing to work around the students’ academic schedules. While continuing to take classes and enhancing their degree, the student can also obtain vital work experience in their chosen industry. The company benefits from having additional support and assistance from students who have knowledge their of the industry and are capable of handling ongoing projects or jobs.

The corporation also benefits because many internships are unpaid, providing free labor in exchange for the opportunity to learn from the corporation. Even if the internship is compensated, the rate is frequently far lower than that of a permanent employee. This saves money for the company while still allowing work to be completed.

Advantages of internships:

  • Boost your confidence.
  • Develop and improve your abilities.
  • Explorea career route.
  • Give yourself a competitive advantage in the job market.
  • Obtain useful job experience.

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