What is Klook?


Klook, which stands for “Keep Looking,” is an online platform that connects travelers with local businesses in 350 locations worldwide. Its goal is to improve traveler experiences, allowing them to have a much more authentic and stress-free vacation. For many years, Klook has been a well-known brand throughout Southeast Asia. Klook, which was founded in 2014, is now one of the fastest-growing startups in the travel industry.

Klook was founded by both former investment bankersnamedEthan Lin and Eric Gnock Fah. They went on a trip to Nepal in 2013 and were annoyed by the amount of cash they needed to bring with them because practically everything would have to be paid for in the form of cash. That incident inspired them both to build an online platform where travelers could pre-book and pay for activities so Gnock Fah and Lin went out to locate a software developer. After meeting Bernie Xiaokang Xiong on LinkedIn, the three of them started Klook in September 2014.

Klook lets users book trips, park visits, railway tickets, diving activities, and other activities. It focuses primarily on Asian travel. It functions similarly to the majority of large online travel agencies from the inside. On the other hand, it offers a mobile app and a website for booking activities for end-customers. It also links with activity providers via a SaaS interface or an API.

Payment transactions on Klook are encrypted with secure online encryption technology, as you’d expect from a reputable booking service. PayPal, Mastercard, Google Pay, Visa, Alipay, and Apple Pay are all accepted as payment methods. Klook is also available in 41 currencies and 23 localized languages, making the booking procedure easier and avoiding any unexpected currency conversion expenses.

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