What is permission marketing?


Permission marketing occurs when one provides the email or message recipient the decision as to whether or not they want to receive the promotional message. Permission marketing is a cheap and effective method of establishing a relationship with a prospective customer. Many of the overhead costs of traditional channels like mass mailing or print ads are eliminated when using digital platforms with direct contact to customers, including email and social media.

During the present age of digital and social media marketing, permission marketing has become highly prominent. Permission marketing is represented by subscription emails & application update emails, in which customers have elected to receive the company’s emails and other promotional messages. This happens when they sign up for a newsletter or download any app to their phone or tablet.

Permission marketing’s primary advantage is that consumers who receive advertising messages are much more likely to be high-quality leads for marketers. Since they have already shown interest, the potential customer’s opt-in increases their chance of reading the content and digesting the marketing messages. Permission marketing enables more meaningful interactions and relationships with prospective customers, while other advertising methods may reach a larger audience.

The advantages of permission marketing:

  1. It gives the company a good reputation
  2. It establishes relationships
  3. It has a higher conversion rate
  4. It is cost-effective
  5. It lets you have a personalized approach

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