What is telemarketing?


Telemarketing is the practice of selling products or services directly to potential clients on the phone, the Internet, or by fax. Telemarketing can be done by telemarketers or, frequently, by automated phone calls. Telemarketing’s invasive aspect, as well as claims of telemarketing frauds and scams, has sparked a rising backlash against all this direct marketing approach.

Two or more calls are frequently used in a good telemarketing strategy. The customer’s demands are determined during the initial call. The last call encourages the customer to buy something. Past purchase history, competition registration forms, credit limit, previous requests for information, and application forms are all used to identify potential clients. Names can also be gathered from a telephone directory and some other public list or purchased from another firm’s customer database.

The goal of the qualification process is to figure out which clients are most willing to purchase the product or service. Telemarketing is frequently used to reach prospective decision-makers who would be ideal prospects for a company’s products and services in business-to-business (B2B) lead generation situations.

The telemarketing strategy is usually paired with email or social media campaigns, which is called a cadence. Calls are generally made by sales development personnel with the intention of setting up a meeting, often with a vendor account executive, as a result of this outreach. Non-profit organizations, surveying, political groups, marketing research, and other types of organizations all utilize telemarketing.

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