What is Zalora?


ZALORA is a Southeast Asian fast-fashion e-commerce start-up that was established in 2012. It is available online and strives to deliver appropriate fashion to all Southeast Asian clients. To fulfill that promise, the company uses the Internet in three major ways: to communicate with its large client base, to acquire data on what things people actually want to buy and to efficiently target new customers.ZALORA offers approximately 200,000 fashion items and is the region’s leading technology-driven fashion player.

ZALORA’s goal is to provide useful products to its clients. ZALORA does this by analyzing consumer behavior data to determine supply and demand. Because ZALORA operates online, it can more effectively target potential clients using the different online advertising methods available such as Facebook Ads and Google Ads. ZALORA, for instance, is taking advantage of the region’s significant social media usage to engage with its clients.

To sustain a good cash flow, the brand has created an innovative way to work with retailers: provide a marketplace platform wherein shops may upload their products straight to the web and monitor their inventory. However, the platform still runs manually, making it time-consuming to utilize.ZALORAturned to SAP for an industry-grade, flexible, and trustworthy enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to fulfill the emerging demands of its growing online business.

A Summary of What They Do:

  • Modifying items to meet the needs of customers
  • Recognizing the boundaries of digital marketing
  • Providing fast fashion to the entire Southeast Asian region
  • Using the marketplace to create a better inventory
  • Using digital marketing to effectively target customers

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