When Did Deezer Start?


Deezer was pioneered 14 years ago in Paris by its founder, Daniel Marhely. In 2007, Marhely’s goal was to make music streaming convenient for his friends, but he later realized the possibilities of Deezer being utilized worldwide.

Marhely then collaborated with his team and investors, and music labels flocked to partner with Deezer. Before it even began under the name Deezer in 2007, the music platform is called Blogmusik, initially launched in 2006.

Blogmusik was charged with copyright infringement and later shut down in 2006 by SACEM (Society of Authors, Composers, and Publishers of Music), a French association regulating the rights of composers, publishers, and artists. It relaunched in August 2007 under the name Deezer with a framed pact to pay for a SACEM copyright license.

Deezer started with minor music labels making the streaming catalog limited among users. In its first month, Deezer has 700,000 visitors jumping to 2.75 million in 2008. By the end of 2009, it increasingly hit 7 million users. This relatively high increase in music streaming was driven by Deezer’s collaboration with the most prominent labels, which enabled them to gain rights for 8 million songs.

Deezer also incorporated ads in between every music for revenue and required registration of each user to maneuver the company’s funding. Though streaming is initially free, the company also framed up premium subscriptions for ad-free and downloadable content for subscribers.

In 2011, Deezer became available in the countries of Belgium, France, and the United Kingdom. It also operated in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand the following year, followed by 35 Latin American countries.

Fast forward, Deezer operates in more than 180 countries with a count of 73 million tracks and 40,000 podcasts available to all its 16 million active streamers. It also can be accessed via mobile, web-based, or desktop application with the same premium quality of content.

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