Why is Pinterest so Popular?


Pinterest is increasingly becoming relevant due to many reasons. Since it launched in 2010, Pinterest’s active users peaked in 2020 at around 416 million. The platform is now widely utilized by individual pinners and business marketers who aim to drive more traffic to their websites. In 2021, Pinterest is ranked 14th on the most prominent social platforms worldwide.

Pinterest is an image discovery platform where users can pin images, videos, or gifs that fascinates them. You can find about 200 billion pins on the platform from varying niches like beauty, DIYs, fashion, pets, designs, recipes, and more.

What compels users to Pinterest is its power to be a social media and an e-commerce platform simultaneously. You can utilize Pinterest as a social media platform since it has a like, comment, and share option to follow fellow pinners, boards, and like images on various niches.

On the other hand, Pinterest can also become an e-commerce platform among small-scale and large-scale businesses. If your goal is to convert your board and pin visits to sales, you can incorporate your website with Pinterest without a cost. It was reported that 80% of women in the United States are engaged to Pinterest, and the platform is utilized extensively by generation Z.

Another thing that makes Pinterest an exciting platform is because it enables pinners to curate boards based on their preferences and collaborates with other pinners’. Pinterest acts as a platform for users to showcase their creativity in the Internet world.

Other Key Reasons Why Users are Drawn to Pinterest

  • It is free.
  • It has high definition and aesthetically pleasing images.
  • It has an algorithm that presents similar content that the user often searches for.
  • It enables collaboration through images among pinners.
  • It is where the latest trends are found.
  • It promotes positivity.

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