Can YouTube Make you Money?


It is a sonorous yes. YouTube has gone so far from being an easy video viewing and sharing platform since its launching in 2005. It has 2.3 billion registered users worldwide, making it a target for brands to thrive and content creators to profit.

What are the Monetizing Features of YouTube?

YouTube Partner Program (YPP) and Google AdSense

Content creators can monetize their YouTube channel through the YouTube Partner program. You need 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time within one year to unlock this feature.

Once met, you can sign the YouTube Partner Program terms and add a Google AdSense account to your channel is subject to review. If approved, ads will be incorporated into your videos depending on the profile of frequent viewers.

55% of the revenues will go to the content creator, and 45% will go to YouTube.

Brand Sponsorship, Affiliate Links, and Merchandise Sales

Brand sponsorship is another monetizing feature of YouTube. Unlike the YPP, brand sponsorships will all go to the creator for videos promoting a brand or a service. You can collaborate with brands and agencies by creating video reviews and putting affiliate links on your video description.

Affiliate links help create more traffic to these agencies’ websites and a possibility of purchase among the audiences.

Meanwhile, merchandise sales are ideal for content creators with high subscriptions.They can either venture into their business selling products or collaborate with brands to design lines associated with your namesake to attract fans.

Fan Funds via Channel Membership

You can profit from member-only content in exchange for a monthly premium subscription from your audience. You are eligible to utilize this perk if you already joined the YPP. Here, you can create content exclusive for paying and premium members such as emojis, badges, unique accesses, and more.

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