How did YouTube start?


YouTube was started in 2005 by three former PayPal employees namely, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim. Originally, YT was designed to become a dating site platform. It was intended to upload videos to tell about what is a person’s ideal partner.

The idea of YouTube came also from the desire of these trio founders to make video sharing online easier. The name “YouTube” means “You” refers to the users and “Tube” which is an old term for television. Their inspiration to create this project was the videos of Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction and the tsunami in the Indian ocean.

It was Valentine’s Day of 2005, that YouTube trademark, logo, and domain registered. Eventually, the purpose of YouTube then became a video uploading site for the users to introduce themselves and their interests without any restrictions. However, it was later on developed to broadcast more general topics and information.

Now YouTube has become the biggest and foremost video distribution platform on the internet.

Notable timeline of YouTube’s history

  • The first video uploaded on the site was “Me at the Zoo” by Jawed Karim himself in April 2005. In this clip, he shared the characteristics of elephants.
  • The beta version was launched in May 2005.
  • In September 2005, the first video to hit 1 million views was a Nike promotional video.
  • In December 2005, Sequoia Capital, a venture capital company, invested $3.5 up to 11.5 million to YouTube which had greatly helped it to develop more features.
  • In June 2006, YouTube included its content verification program to ensure that there will be no copyright infringements be committed.
  • It was in June 2012 that YouTube was merged with Google Video.
  • In December 2012, the Gangnam-style video was the first clip to hit 1 billion views.
  • The free-ad access to content which is the YouTube Premium was started in November 2015.

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