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If you are looking for the best communication apps, you might consider using Zoom or Skype. Both have great features that will be useful and effective when you are working remotely. They are ideal to use for conducting webinars or hosting meetings, video calls, and chat. And lots of people are using them because of their accessibility.

You can use them for free with some limited features. They are also good for recording the meeting or the call without using other third-party apps. They have drawing tools as well that are helpful for business meetings. And can share the screen for the participants to see the presentation of the speaker.

But if you want to access some of their great features, you can upgrade your plan anytime. So both apps are good to consider for your business or personal use.

Key differences between the two famous communication tools

  • Zoom’s monthly subscription cost ranges from $14.99-$19.99 per month, while Skype ranges from $2.50-$12.50 per month.
  • Zoom’s chat features are available only during the call or meeting while you can chat using Skype anytime, even if you are not on a call.
  • Zoom can integrate into Infusionsoft, Dropbox, Google Drive, HubSpot, Pardot, and Eloqua, while Skype has access with Microsoft Systems, Slack, Grasshopper, and Agile CRM.
  • Zoom participants should have a Zoom app on their mobile or computer, while Skype can reach those who aren’t on Skype by calling them on their landline or mobile phone.
  • Zoom cannot send an SMS, while Skype has features that users can send SMS using Skype.
  • Zoom has personal meetings, while Skype doesn’t have it.

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